First Time Juicer – Lime Scooters – Experience and Tips

My First Time Juicing

I received four free chargers back in December 2018, but I never found the urge to Juice a Lime. A couple weeks after I received the chargers, I received an email from Lime asking me why I hadn’t started charging. It was about the time I had went to Los Angeles to take a break from Nashville through New Years.

The chargers sat there for 2 1/2 months, and one day I decided I would go out to get 4 scooters. Fortunately, when 9pm rolled around I saw two scooters just two blocks down at the local high school. I went out in 40 degree weather in the rain and reached a crowded block with a lane barely wide enough for one car to fit, catering to two way traffic. I saw the yard the scooters were located in without seeing the actual scooters.

Parking 6 or 7 car lengths away from the scooters I went to pick up one that had been laid on its side and another that was standing up. They were cold, and without gloves my hands started to numb. I sludged them through the grass to the sidewalk where the additional traction made it easier to drag.

How many scooters can you average a night?


The number of scooters you can charge per night depend on several factors:

  • Your Charging Limit, as set by Lime
  • Frequency of use in your area
  • Charge of scooters
  • Space in your transportation
  • Number of chargers you have
  • Access to Places to Charge
  • The System you Develop

Depending on the size of your vehicle, your time available, and the limits imposed by the app, you can average Juicing between 1 and 10 scooters a night, and I have heard of individuals who

I picked up two scooters on my first run while I intended to get four. I stopped short because it was raining in 40 degree weather, and I hadn’t considered gloves. Handling two metal scooters that turned cold in 40 degree weather in the rain numbed my hands, making it hard to maneuver them into the car.

I spent a third of my time sitting in the car to get warm before I realized my hands weren’t getting any warmer (lol) and when I finally pushed my way through it I ended up leaving them in the car so I could go back inside for nearly an hour to warm up.

Everything went smooth when I put my gloves on and transported them from the car to my home to charge though. If I had gloves, I would have packed 4 into the back seat.

How do you use lime scooters

Avoid being dinged for not leaving a scooter in a place where Lime Juicers can get it. As a rider, you may be penalized if you leave the scooter behind a wall or inside your home, because it prevents other riders from accessing the scooter the next day, prevents Juicers from recharging, and makes Lime view you as an courteousness user of their devices. When you finish using a scooter, leave it in a spot where it can be picked up by Juicers at the end of the night.

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