Exercise: Love Yourself

Mr. Rogers weighed 143 pounds, and he said that weight had much significance of him because it symbolized the phrase, “I love you.” I has one letter. Love has 4 letters. You has 3 letters. The weight also may have showed he loved himself. He loved himself enough to maintain a healthy weight throughout his life.

My weight reflected a healthy maintenance as well (most of the time). I remember seeing the Mr. Roger’s documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor and appreciating my weight, which rocked between 135 and 145 since I was in high school. Every once in awhile my weight would call out, “I love you.” Just like Mr. Rogers’.

Recently, my weight escaped the 145 pound threshold and is now orbiting around 151-154 pounds. I notice a small belly on my 5’9″ frame. Some body movements that I found quite easy to perform have been…. less easy to perform. Its a weight I’ve never carried before, not even at my most unhealthy when I was 150 lbs with 15 lbs of water weight. Unlike the water weight, I cannot simply take a diuretic and get rid of it. Getting rid of it is going to take active effort.

My weight

Given coronavirus, I have not been moving around as much. That’s not to say I have any excuse. I have friends who have actually started to exercise for the first time in a long time. They credit coronavirus with giving them the time and flexibility to do so. Also, there are plenty of things we can do to exercise at home.

Seeing as I have not regularly exercised in nearly 9 months, I’ve decided to start slow with yoga and stretching in the morning. Keeping in mind that I’ve said I will do that and kept starting and stopping, I’m going to get an accountability partner to help me get on the way.

edit: I originally titled this post “Exercise: Don’t Be Like Me – I’m a Fat, Lazy American” as a joke to a friend when I asked what my next post should be. I left it up for a while and I’m taking it down because it doesn’t truly represent the image the world needs. I am considering what the major thrust of this site will be, and reformatting it to reflect that.

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