Lawyers are People Too

Unless they’re prosecutors.

But sometimes, prosecutors become defense attorneys and re-earn their mortal husks. Today, I noted one such lawyer who’s Tweet on its face seemed downright callous (to many other defense attorneys). I looked at it, read all the responses, and almost replied. But something made me check this mortal husk.

A biography on his site showed he had been a prosecutor for 9 years before turning to defense attorney in 2008. So he’s been a defense attorney for 12 years, I thought to myself. I also noted he worked at a defense attorney’s office while he was in law school.

I shifted from responding in the thread to sending a Tweet simply to him. I began to ask, “What compelled you to go from prosecutor to defense attorney?” As I was about to hit send, I wondered if the answer to the question existed on the internet already.

I looked again and came across his post about the callous tweet in question. Newman, who began responding to Tweets in the thread turned to his own blog and said,

I can honestly say that on the whole, the vast majority of the people I’ve represented over the years have been great to work with. I’ve represented some really nice people who were charged with some really horrible things.  I’ve also represented some really difficult people charged with really minor things.  Pretending that every last client I’ve ever represented has been nothing less than an utter delight is as silly as it is disingenuous.  

Murray Newman

among other things. Honestly, it was a single Tweet. He had a bad day, likes the guy he represented and self-reportedly did right by the guy. Overall, it’s nice to see a prosecutor reclaim his mortal husk. Sometimes they do that I guess.

Sometimes, they show a glint of soul.

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