The Conception of Parody as Reality

Satire delivers another L to reality. Parody as Reality.

With 8 billion people on Earth, bizarre behavior is easy to find. Twenty-four hours straight of Pharrell’s Happy, $5 nsfw erotic anime voice overs, genetically gifted presidential tans. The diversity of human behavior is uncanny, especially given these 8 billion people all get 2.5 billion seconds to do all sorts of abnormal things. Things now easily captured on a smart phones camera to amaze, horrify, or even influence others in meme-like fashion.

No really. They spent 7 days recording 24 hours of happy and created 24 one-hour videos.

Also with these bizarre behaviors come parody and satire. These bizarre imitations of the bizarre are sometimes so dedicated or subtle in their craft that even the most normally astute consumers of internet fruits bare point-goes-over-the-head moments in not realizing the satire is… satire. But most time, people don’t care enough to investigate the authenticity of what they come across on the internet, and a desire to have fun or confirmation bias or less astute consumption pushes them to accept satire and parody for reality because they simply can’t be bothered. Or maybe, they want to believe.

They want to believe the GOP would invite a criminal as a speaker at the convention. They want to believe a beautiful woman on click bait “didn’t know what the camera reveiled.” They want to believe a man would slash perfectly good tires in protest.

But 40+ year old men don’t make Twitter accounts in May of 2020 to share their opinions. And they don’t slash tires to make a political point.

But sadly, those impulsively looking for their next dopamine hit revel in these moments. These bizarre behaviors. These memes and influential impulsive imaginary Trump supporters. With Parody as Reality, the internet will feed on imitation for reality, blurring bizarre behavior into a normal ideal.

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