Ben Shapiro “Destroyed” by Andrew Neil on BBC’s Politics Live

Ben Shapiro cites “poor preparation” after he cut short an interview on BBC’s Politics Live hosted by Andrew Neil. Neil’s interview took the form of a tough interrogation which Shapiro interpreted as a left-wing attack. After leaving the interview angry, Shapiro acknowledged his leaving as a defeat at the hands of Neil. Paraphrasing Youtube video titles that commonly uphold Shapiro as victor, he tweeted:

Anger stays a hard feeling to control. While Ben Shapiro calmly wrote about anger in American politics, he found it difficult to control his anger when strongly challenged. Used to greater control and lower scrutiny in American news, Shapiro felt shaken by Neil’s strong frame and counter balancing questions. Being in touch with ones feelings would have allowed Shapiro to recognize the change in emotion and stay in control as usual. The lack of control, both external in not getting Neil to answer his questions (though he was not the interviewer) and internal in not managing his feelings, led to the out-of-character behavior and “melt down.”

Ben Shapiro’s anger at Neil’s questions looks funny seeing as he was there to speak on his book about anger in American politics. It also showed that one of Shapiro’s greatest weapons, the ad hominem attack on an individuals being a liberal talking piece, fails in a debate. A real intellectual conservative simply asking questions hurts more than talking with uninformed college kids and liberal commentators.

Watch the full interview of Ben Shapiro by Andrew Neil on Politics Live below:

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