Fox News Cites Biden Lead Over Trump

Fox News cites that a Poll by Quinnipac University done during the COVID-19 pandemic shows 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden with an 11 point lead over the incumbent Donald Trump. Simultaneously, a CNN survey shows Trump’s approval rating dropping while his disapproval right is jumping up.

Most of America simply wants someone who is not weird, as Bill Maher put it on his HBO series “Real Time”. Biden, with all of his weirdness, is relatively not weird compared to Donald Trump. This is a simple way to win back the White House in 2020 given Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads both in favorability and in polling.

Where Donald Trump drove his opponents insane last year, harassing them to the point they spoke off the cuff and out of the running, Trump forced his party to rip off the mask of sanity. Now a majority of moderates have been horrified by what lies behind that mask and want Donald Trump out.

Donald Trump has stood by while American businesses burned down without authoritatively taking a stand, his passiveness has led to tensions across America.

Lest the debates reach forgetting, Biden’s banter vs Trumps shomanship may alter current forecasts. Perhaps if Trump can fight dirty, insult Biden’s family and fearmonger about the Chinese he can dampen the millennial spirit, and his friends on Fox News can bolster him up.

Millennial voting in dramatically increased numbers will spell an end for Trump for sure. Trump is simply more hated now than Trump or Hillary in 2016 ever was.

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