Joe Biden’s Dark Winter Reference a Signal to Transfer Money to Hunter Biden?

Most people building conspiracies around Biden’s use of Dark Winter during the debate consider his allusion to be that of one toward the 2001 federal operation surrounding pandemics. But they overlook a 1790 paper pointing to the true target.

Global warming and a signal to send more money from Russia, with love.

A Dissertation on the Climate of Russia, a paper from the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1790 outlines the dufting of the apartments of the place in a “dark winter morning.” Biden used the keyword to point to “dufting” an act of smelling nice.

What smells more nice to the Biden family than cold, hard cash. Morning alludes to initiating the transfer, and the dark winter is a key word for other elites who search for meanings to the code in journals like the Royal Society of Edinburgh. It’s all there if you just follow the clues.

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