Reflections – 2018.10.30 – Actions and Beliefs

October 30, 2018

Nashville, Tennessee

I went to the gym for the first time in 11 days, and worked out for the first time in 9 days. I believe I went because I centered the activity around another person. I think I do a lot of things for or because of other people.

This has it’s upsides. For instance, it fuels my extroverted nature. Though I suspect I’m a huge ambivert that leans introverted even if all my tests and closest friends claim I’m extroverted. I dunno.

It also challenges me to consider just how much I care about intrinsic motivations. I’m not sure I’ve really ever had intrinsic motivations to a lot of things I ever did. I feel like I’d be unstoppable if that was the case.

Yet I wonder why I don’t do things for God. That seems like it would be the ultimate trump card. I prayed to God today for a second wind and got a lot of focus while studying. The last person to stress that I pray was a homeless man. I should check up on him some time.

I got the last of my series of Hep B shots today. I was surprised there wouldn’t be a third shot. I need to let my classmate, whose titers didn’t “come out right” to my understanding, know they have they’ve been using the new, 2-dose vaccine starting this year. I believe this may be the start of my getting errands done that I need to get done.

I attended the Biochem help session. It was honestly difficult getting out of the house. I felt lethargic until I got out of the house. I really need to beat that feeling back when I don’t feel like moving.

I studied with a couple of classmates. Like exercising, this was more for hanging out than studying, but I got more done than if I’d gone back home. And now I’m back home and should beat back the idea of not going to bed, even if I want to wait for my friend to respond back to my text.

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