Focus on Yourself and not Others

I notice I spend a lot of my mental energy on other people. I do it in some times when I help others, and I have other times where I criticize/judge others. I don’t tend to do it out in the open.

All of this has a couple effects on me:

  1. I find myself draining myself because – as an introvert, no matter what all my psyche tests and friends who manage to get me to talk say – I tend to dwell on things and the “insanity” of it doesn’t sit right. So I think about it until I’m tired instead of focusing on the things that re-energize me.
  2. I end up having negative thoughts about people who are overall great people. This causes a sort of cognitive dissonance that leads me back to (1).

All of this could be avoided if I consciously overroad the negative feedback loop and considered what I could do for myself. I am thankful that I managed to break the loop a moment ago and get myself to finally post on my blog. I’m keeping this short, because I have other things to do to build myself up. But hopefully I will see you again tomorrow.

Oh, I’m looking forward to my first interviewee, Mike. You’ll hear more about him in the future.

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