Jarrett Harper On Insure Tennessee – January 13, 2016

I’m Jarrett Harper from Nashville, TN. I’m the Administrative Secretary of the Nashville Student Organizing Committee. A student at Fisk University. Today I’m here about Insure Tennessee. I was with a rally with other people where we were asking Speaker Harwell and Lieutenant Governor Ramsey and others inside of the Tennessee Senate and the House to basically expand healthcare because there are 280,000 people who go without insurance in this state, 24,000 veterans and on average I believe it’s I believe 2 people dying every day without healthcare.

So we need to make sure to get healthcare to people who need it and we can get it to these people just by accepting the Affordable Care Act expansion, because that will be at no cost to Tennessee for 3 years and after the first 3 years even though we’re supposed to foot 10 percent of the bill, hospitals are willing to wave it. So, it’s 1.5 billion dollars that’s already been set aside for Tennessee. And I want to make sure that money comes to us. It’s going to help people who need healthcare, it’s going to help people who need jobs, and it’ll make the state better all around.

Thank you very much.

Jarrett Harper Speaking on Insure Tennessee – January 13, 2016

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