GoDaddy injects JavaScript into your website. Here’s how to stop it

While running an experiment into the speed of GoDaddy’s shared hosting, I came across the wonderful news that a bare bones page loaded in 33 and 200 ms respectively on the east and west coast of the United States.

I also came across a puzzling drop in my performance grade after closing the html tag I’d accidentally left open according to Pingdom.

Not only was I told to configure entity tags (which I’ll have to get into on a later post), but an image had been declared “moved permanently.” I was running a simple text page in my experiment, so this puzzled me even more. Then, I noticed a call to two domains I’d not initiated.

I found (thanks to Igor Kromin) that GoDaddy automatically opted me into collecting metrics to improve performance, and in doing so GoDaddy injected JavaScript into my website.

It might improve performance across the board for all users, but I did’t appreciate it causing a drop in my performance grade on Pingdom. So I followed Kromin’s advice and opted out.

Here’s how you can opt out too:

Click on your name in the upper right

Click on Manage Hosting

Click on the Ellipses (…) and then Settings

Click on GoDaddy Analytics

Scroll down and Click No, I don’t want to participate in the program before clicking the Confirm Button

There you have it, how to stop Godaddy from injecting JavaScript into your Website.

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