Conor McGregor Retires, Faces Sexual Assault Investigation

Conor McGregor Retires

March 28, 2019
Conor McGregor retired from Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). While at the height of his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) career, McGregor tweeted his decision Tuesday.

Though arguably the most famous face in UFC, McGregor wished his colleagues well. He then alluded to his liquor.

Conor McGregor’s Career

McGregor retires with a professional MMA record of 21-4. He began his MMA career in Ireland, going on to win both the Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Championships. Then he debuted in UFC in 2013, where 7 straight victories in 2 years led to unify the UFC Featherweight Championship.

With his first loss in 6 years to Nate Diaz in March of 2016, McGregor would bounce back in a rematch 6 months later before winning the Lightweight Championship at the end of the year.

McGregor benefited from an awesome record and a bodacious brand of smack talk. For instance, his smack talk has been likened to that of Floyd Mayweather . Perhaps it’s fitting that he boxed Mayweather in a gentleman’s purse that brought in tens of millions of dollars while linking fans of fighting across MMA and Boxing alike.

Conor McGregor’s Future After Retirement

What Conor McGregor Says

What Fans Think

So what will the short time boxer, long time MMA star do in his spare time now that he has retired? Firstly, now he has time to properly push his Proper 12 Irish Whiskey. Secondly, he may find a second boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. Finally, many hopefuls are pointing to the fact that this is McGregor’s third retirement form MMA. One of his retirements preceded by 6 months his debut in UFC.

McGregor Faces Sexual Assault Investigation

The New York Times “unearthed” an investigation in Ireland in which a woman accused McGregor of sexual assault. Some say McGregor retired to spare the sport of MMA. While possible that McGregor is keeping controversy away from others, it’s worth noting no charges have been filed. Also, the investigation has been ongoing since last December. Still, it’s possible the gentleman who had a gentleman’s purse decided to be a gentleman to the sport and bow out during the investigation. We’ll find whether he was acting ungentlemanly to a lady as the investigation goes on.

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