Desus and Mero Slay the Greenbook, which Drove Ahead of Spike Lee

Never since Dave Chapelle’s Chappelle Show has 3 minutes been long enough to slay a silly premise, and Desus and Mero did it while quoting literally every black person.

While we know Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman deserved best picture at the Oscars on Sunday night, this sketch salves the world’s wounds and let’s us know the Academy Awards made at least two errors that night, as the inevitably victorious Green Book beat out one deserving movie and one deserving sketch.

But Chappelle Show has now reached Showtime in the form of Desus & Mero. We have a new generation of comedy, all thanks to new hairlines bought by that Showtime money. We see you Desus & Mero.

And Spike, you’re right. Every time.

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